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Pizzoccheri della Valtellina is the most traditional shape of buckwheat pasta. This ribbon-shaped pasta is traditionally cooked with greens and potatoes, and served with a healthy portion of grated cheese.
1.1 lb box. Made with durum wheat and buckwheat flour. Moro brand pastas are NOT gluten-free.

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Moro Pizzoccheri della Valtellina IGP- Buckwheat Pasta

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  • Buckwheat is nutritious – it is rich in iron, vitamin B, vitamin E, and minerals, especially magnesium. Buckwheat is high in fiber and contains essential amino acids, especially lysine and tryptophan. The protein value of buckwheat is similar to that of meat and soy. Pasta made from buckwheat contains less carbohydrates and more fiber than regular pasta. 

    Moro Pasta is made with durum wheat and buckwheat flour and are NOT gluten-free.

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