The Calabria sun is powerful and gives fruit a full ripening, so that the fig sugar content is extraordinary high. Try this 100% fig jam spread on bread or on strong cheeses like Pecorino. 


Ingredients: Fig, lemon juice (<1%)

No Sugar Added

7.05 oz / 200 g

Olio e Sale Calabrese Fig Extra Jam

  • The consortium of “Fico di Cosenza” was born to preserve the rare “Dottato” fig variety, typical of the south of Italy and in particular of the area between the Calabria Apennine and the Ionian Sea. Thanks to its work, today many producers restarted the ancient art of fig farming, and young locals have found a source of income without leaving their homeland.

    We work in close touch with the president of the consortium, Mr. Angelo Rosa, who took us in the countryside to meet the producers. After obtaining the DOP acknowledgement, and thanks to the solid link to their land, the majority of farms have chosen to work without any use of chemicals, making the Cosenza DOP fig a fully organic product.

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