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Po Valley Foods,

Out here in the Pacific Northwest, Italian food has yet to make it to the family dinner table.  Thank God I’m a transplant from Brooklyn, and Italian too.  We have good, homestyle Italian food at least two times a week, more if my Norwegian spouse can bear it.  Finding authentic ingredients is always a challenge.  Sure, we have Di Laurentis in Pike Place market — a high-end, have-it-all latticeria, complete with salumi counter as well.  However, five minutes of shopping there can divest you of a good part of your paycheck and require an entire day including travel and traffic.

PVF has become one of my favorite places for online, Italian grocery shopping.  Where I live, the hard salami is soft, and the provolone cheese bounces if you drop it.  Your emails are always tempting, and I’m so glad I explored the flavored oils you featured recently.  I’ve already used one with the complimentary pouch of aglio e oglio con peperoncino.  It was a meal I hadn’t had in a long time, and the aromas took me back many, many decades to my grandmother’s kitchen, more than a half a century ago.

Thanks for a taste of the past, and of home (New York), where good Italian food is both ubiquitous and usually very good.  And it all starts with the right imported ingredients.  You have them all, and I can’t wait to shop with you again.

-A.C. D.

Vashon, WA


    We just returned from 2 weeks in Italy.  Fantastic food everywhere we went.  This is why I enjoy your products so much.  You offer the best pastas.  In addition, the other products you offer are on my high priority list to enjoy.  I really appreciate the complimentary gifts and very much appreciate the “English” recipes.  Your products are delivered quickly and the substitutions are always acceptable.  A loyal customer.


Stockton, CA


Your Stuff is Great!

-S.L., Garrison, NY


I cannot wait to receive this order. I love your products!

-C.O’K Salem, Mass


Po’ Valley Food, fantastic products and fantastic people!

-R.L., Casteggio IT


I’m excited to have found Po Valley Foods, a company that imports an outstanding array of grain-based authentic foods from Italy. Particularly significant are their pastas, including Giuseppe Afeltra pastas from Gregnano, the famous pasta-making town near Naples. They also have La Campofilone pasta, made in the Marche region from local non-GMO durum wheat and free-range eggs.


Reno, Nevada

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