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Ranca Tartufi e Delizie Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio is thinly sliced and immersed in extra-virgin olive oil. Available in 80 gr and 180 gr jars. This delicacy is perfect on crostini, cheese, eggs or pasta.


An 80 gram jar =30 grams of truffle product (drained weight)

A 180 gram jar = 67.5 grams of truffle product (drained weight)

However, we encourage you to use not only the truffles but the flavorful extra virgin olive oil infusion which remains! 

Ranca Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Expected to ship by Feb 10th.
  • Located in Vernasca, Provincia di Piacenza, Ranca Tartufi e Delizie

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